Govardhan Rural Development was started in 2010,
with the inspiration of His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj.

After having inspired a few of his followers to begin a health care center which grew into a 200+ bed multispeciality center, a food for life program which now serves more than 300000+ students daily, he wanted to focus on the rural parts of Palghar - where he saw abject poverty. Radhanath Swami encouraged his followers to create a program of empowerment for integrated development of the rural households. Many initiatives were undertaken which acted as touch points of progress and intervention for women empowerment and rural development.

Concept note for Govardhan Rural Development

Problem Statement

As per the census of 2000, there were 10.67 crore Landless agricultural labourers in India, As per the census of 2011 we have 14.3 crore landless agricultural labourers in India. This is clear proof of the pathetic condition of farmers across the country. And Palghar although next door neighbor of the financial capital of India(Mumbai) is no exception. Farmer’s distress is due to less income through only rain-fed agriculture, thus resulting in Mass scale migration leading to various social issues related to alcoholism and families getting separated.

Interpreting Interventions

Govardhan Rural Development (GRD) Program has taken up the challenge to address these issues.

GRD Vision: Empower and Energise Rural Communities

Mission: Create solutions for improved social, economic, ecological, and cultural conditions
of the tribal communities

This Vision and Mission are achieved through a well-thought-out strategy that spreads across 7 verticals:

  • Empowerment of Farmers
  • Water Resource Development
  • Livelihood for Landless
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Rural Education
  • Skill Development
  • Health Care
Bhaktivedanta Clinic - Mira Road
Bhaktivedanta Hospital & Research
(Multi-specialty Hospital) – Mira Road
Bhaktivedanta Hospice – Vrindavan, 
Empowerment of farmers,
Water Resource Developmentt
Barsana Eye Hospital - Barsana 
Sheth P.V. Doshi Hospital – Mira Road
Hamrapur Healthcare Centre –
Hamrapur (Wada)
Shradhanand Hospital – Vasai
Livelihood for Landless
Ambiste Healthcare Centre –
Ambiste (Wada)
Sasupada Hospital – Sasupada
Skill Development, Women Empowerment,
Rural Education
Vikramgadh Healthcare Centre –
Vikramgadh (Wada)
Tarapur Healthcare Centre – Boisar
Expansion into Jawhar
and Mokhada regions
Expansion of Skill
Development center
Seeds For Life – Palghar