The Future of India lies in its villages
Mahatma Gandhi
of Tribal population in Maharashtra lives Below Poverty Line
of farmers in Palghar have no facility for Irrigation
of Maratha population in Maharashtra lives Below Poverty Line

Imagine living on less than Rs.20/-( US $ 27 cents) a day for all your needs

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Distressed Migration
80% of Population in Rural Palghar is earning less than Rs.5000/- per month.
Lack of Irrigation facility
About 50-60% of the farmers in Palghar have No irrigation facility in non-monsoon seasons.
Under nutrition amongst women
68% of tribal women suffer from anaemia.
Struggle of the Landless
60% of the tribal population is landless and depends on manual casual labor.
Lack of Quality Education
31% children in Palghar drop out from schools
Unskilled Youth
Youth in Palghar lack Enterprising Spirit due to lack of opportunities and training. Only 50% workforce is available as against industry needs.
Avoidable Blindness
50000 - 60000 people need cataract surgeries every year in Palghar and Thane alone.

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