From Illness to Wellness

Why Healthcare?

Studies show nearly 70% of the population of India lives in rural areas, but less than 40% of its healthcare infrastructure in terms of skilled man power and healthcare facilities is present in rural areas.

Our mobile clinics aims to make healthcare available, accessible and affordable to the rural and tribal areas.

  • Mobile clinics travel with Medical and Para-Medical staff.
  • It travels from village to village and sets up camps in villages.
  • Villagers come to the camp and can get themselves checked for their health problems especially we focus on ophthalmic issues like cataract in eyes.
  • Once patients are screened they are advised treatment either in the camp or referred to our base hospitals for further evaluation and treatment.

Eye care services in camp

  • The patient is screened in the camp/village and brought to the base hospital for surgery.
  • They undergo physical evaluation to determine whether they are medically fit to undergo surgery.
  • Once the patient is certified fit then they are posted for surgery the next day.
  • Cataract surgery is done free of cost.
  • Glasses are provided at a very nominal rate at the camp site itself.
  • The patient is discharged the third day.
  • Morning medicines for one month is also provided free of cost and are brought back to their respective villages.
  • Apart from cataract, we also support patients with kidney disease, cancer etc.
  • Malnourished children are also given supplements to improve their general condition.

Healthcare facilities currently prevailing in rural India, is deficient both in terms of manpower and infrastructure. We aim to do our bit in improving the situation.

  • It is a Day Care Centre having General OPD, Day care admission ward, Speciality OPD’s like Dental, Paediatric and Ophthalmic OPD and Homoeopathic OPD.
  • Day care admissions provide primary to secondary level management IV- injections- under observation admissions for communicable diseases manageable in day care facilities.
  • Referral – screening facility along with necessary primary level management for patients who needs surgical or Secondary to tertiary care level management.
  • OOphthalmic OPD provides eye care facilities, Cataract detection & post-operative check-up through modern instruments.
  • Screening for Cataract and other eye disorders & free of cost Cataract operatives along with pick up and drop service for the cataract patients.
  • Optical shop providing Vision checking and spectacles for vision correction.
  • Dental OPD providing dental health check-up medication and other procedures like ceramic filling, Root canal, Dentures etc are provided at a very nominal cost.
  • Child care counselling, medication by Paediatrician.
  • Homoeopathic consulting, counselling & medication.
  • Pharmacy provides medicines at discounted price.

Our Care Giver course aims to mitigate the lack of skilled professionals for taking care of the elderly population, while generating livelihood for the underprivileged.

  • It emphasizes on the need to realize our duties towards senior citizens and to take all the necessary efforts to bring a smile on their faces.
  • Care Giver Certificate Course is a 9 weeks course which is unique and innovative in itself – a blend of academic, soft-skills, self-defense & IT training.
  • Students are offered classroom training and they also get an opportunity to visit various old-aged homes and hospitals to gain practical experience.
  • After successful completion of the course, they are provided certificate. At the end of the course.

Our Impact

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