Landless population is the

most vulnerable

Why Livelihood for Landless ?

Absence of landholding and skills has left a large section of the community to be the most vulnerable to the hardships of life. Severe poverty due to lack of employment opportunities are a result of this situation.

Livelihood for Landless program aims to empower landless labourers into micro entrepreneurs. Thus giving them good life and dignity.

  • We identify families who are unskilled and do not have any landholding.
  • These families are then trained and provided exposure to certain skills.
  • Once trained as per their capacity, they are given basic financial support to start micro-enterprise.
  • Complete one year of hand-holding is given for capacity building in running the micro-enterprise.
  • Broadly the activities are classified as Skills like masonry, carpentry, and tailoring.
  • Trading like petty-shops, snack centers, juice centers, and flour mills
  • The average income of families who were below poverty line has reached to Rs.150/- to Rs.500/- per day, thus making a positive change in their lives and thus, restored dignity.

Our Impact

Livelihood Initiatives
Tribals Benefitted
Increase in Individual Income