Less Expense. More Cultivation.

Dinesh Sitaram Paradhi became part of the wadi project in 2018. We took him to the seed demo center and seed plot. He was very much interested and we provided him with seed plots in the Kharif season and a seed center in the rabbi season. With help of a field officer, Dinesh began to cultivate Horse gram (Kulid), Hyacinth Beans (Kaduwal), Hyacinth Beans (Godwal), Black Sesame (Kala Til), Black gram (Kala Mug), Turkish gram (Mataki), Black Peas (Kala Watana) and green peas (Channa). He received considerable increased income from Hyacinth Beans (Kaduwal) alone through the rabbi seed center. We taught him different organic techniques on farms and it cut down his expenses spent on fertilizers. He plans to cultivate Horse gram (Kulid) crops in large production in the coming future. He  continues to use a different variety of desi seeds from GEV center to cultivate for next year.

What next? 

Using productive seeds as opposed to harmful fertilizers for Dinesh 

Here’s wishing him all the very best from Team GEV.