More Knowledge. More Profits.

Shailesh Ramesh Gurav is a member of the wadi project which was started in June- 2019. Shailesh didn’t have much knowledge and skill and due to this, he was not able to make a profit. He only cultivated paddy crops in the monsoon season. We provided him with proper training for organic farming to produce organic rice varieties and vegetables. Now things have changed and with proper knowledge, he is cultivating cucumber, bottle gourd, drums sorghum crops in three seasons.

His income surged from Rs. 53,350 to Rs. 3,06, 470 a year. Additionally, he started cultivating Cluster beans, cowpea, pigeon pea, okra, chili, radish, Bengal currant (karanda), and paddy.

What next?
Multi crop cultivations for Shailesh

Here’s wishing him all the very best from Team GEV.