Stories Of Hope

Govardhan Rural Development develops and executes projects in agriculture which largely benefit farmer families in Palghar district of Maharashtra. Our efforts are concentrated for women empowerment and rural development.

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Skill Development

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Women Empowerment

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Empowerment Of Farmers

Surplus Plus / One Initiative.

Many Inspirations.

Sadanand Ganya Vayada, Karalgaon Tal. Dist- Palghar

Turning 5 into 50

Lahu Shankar Bhoye, Vasuri Tal- Vikramgad Dist- Palghar

Rural Education

11-year-old Ankush,

found his hope

They say when God closes one door he opens a thousand more.

Educate one girl.

Educate one family.

Determination is the key to success for Divya

Where there is a will.

There is a way.

You will get help every step of the way, only if you are ready